Selenite Pendant



Crown  - The centre of higher consciousness and connection to source. 

Third Eye chakra - Our Centre of creativity and inspiration, wisdom and insight.

Selenite is an extremely high vibrational crystal that is said to fill our body with light, raising our vibration and unblocking our energy body. Many see Selenite as one of the most important crystals to have in our collection. 

Selenite helps you connect with your intuition, allowing you to hear your inner voice and follow its guidance.

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for clearing energy blockages. It penetrates every part, helping our life force energy to flow freely, so that you can tap in to and feel the magic of the universe.

Selenite does it’s work quickly so it is the go-to crystal if you are in need of a quick fix to raise your spirits and your vibration.


Selenite works on your space as well as your things, it is the master Cleanser for you, your crystals and your environment. 

Place your crystals on or next to you selenite overnight to recharge them. 


Selenite is also a powerful ally to use in spiritual and energetic practices like meditation and breath work and it can be used in Reiki sessions and cord-cutting ceremonies. 

Meditating with a piece over your third eye or crown chakra will assist in heightening your awareness and intuition.

“Selenite is one of the most powerful sources of pure white healing light available in crystal form”. Not only clearing and cleansing but recharging too.  By raising our frequency and staying in the light, we can elevate ourselves to a place where low vibrational things can no longer effect us.

This ability makes it also a good protector 


Some say it creates an energetic forcefield of light around us.  No wonder it is one of my favourites.