Black Onyx Gemstone Bracelet

Black Onyx Gemstone Bracelet

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10mm Natural Black Onyx Gemstone Bracelet.

Planet - Saturn

Chakras - Root, solar plexus, third eye, and crown.

Black Onyx is seen as the stone for protection and strength but it has a plethora of other attributes that make it a very useful crystal to wear. It is one of the more stabilising stones in the crystal kingdom, grounding you to help you find balance and peace of mind in your life.

The stone’s healing properties make it a go to crystal for protection. Protecting you on a physical and metaphysical level shielding your body from dark energy. Keeping it by your side is thought to ward off bad omens allowing you to maintain a clear energy field, mind and soul.

Black Onyx is not a ‘good luck stone’ it changes your perception and how you approach situations, it keeps you grounded so that you are better equipt to access your inner strength, wisdom and motivation. Like Tigers eye instead of running from fear, Black Onyx motivates you to have a stronger sense of self and embrace the challenge from a centred view point.


Most of us have suffered some kind of Trauma or pain that needs emotional healing. If we hold on to these traumas in our subconscious and our body we end up in dis-ease letting old experiences and negative energy manifest deep inside, blocking our chakras, our energy field and stifling our flow of life force energy. Black Onyx can help us address our buried traumas and tackle them head on.

The properties of Black Onyx clears dark energy, encourages you to let go of the past so that you can heal, let go of things that no longer serve you and look to the future. Some say Black Onyx also transmutes negative energy turning painful pasts into positive lessons.

Black Onyx helps you to let go of worries, supports you in enhancing your willpower allowing you to take control of your emotional health and well-being. Instead of being that person who absorbs negativity from those around you, Black onyx with reflect and transmute allowing you to make decisions from a place of grounded stability.


Black Onyx is said to pull the negativity from your soul and release it to the ether, freeing you from the earthly anchors that have been weighing you down, allowing you to move through your life limitless, moving outside of the constraints of your mind to connect with the oneness of the universe. From this place it is a powerful tool for working on remembering your gifts and enhancing your spirituality. It can unlock clairvoyance and scrying and is particularly effective for those who have already reawakened their spiritual gifts.

Some say Black Onyx is a companion for your journey of finding wisdom and enlightenment, Black Onyx can point you in the right direction, illuminating your path. 

Work with Black Onyx to find peace and to understand who you really are. 

Grounding and protection are of the highest importance when embarking on spiritual endeavours,

this stones grounding energy will help you explore safely creating a protection shield around your aura keeping you safe whilst you explore you, awaken your gifts and dip into the spiritual realm.

Metaphysical Properties

While some stones focus on one or two energy points, black onyx  influences multiple areas.

Black Onyx is best known as a stone for the Root chakra but is connects with many more.

When the root chakra becomes blocked we loose stability. You may feel a little lost, the metaphysical properties of Black Onyx restore your sense of stability, grounding you to the Earth, from that place you can feel into you and get back on path. The root chakra is the goto energy point for Black Onyx But some say it also balances the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras.

When life force energy is free to flow you feel your connection to source and magic happens.