Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone Pendant

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Silver Moonstone Pendant on a 925 Italian Silver snake chain.

Planet -  The Moon

Chakra - Crown

Moonstone is a high vibrational stone, bringing these crystals into our life helps us to raise our frequency and offers us guidance and clarity. 

Moonstone is said to balance masculine and feminine energies creating harmony.

Use Moonstones gentle feminine energy to calm emotional upsets and deal with stress and anxiety.

The famine energy of the moon can connect us with our inner goddess, putting us back in touch with our feminine side and helping us get back into our own natural cycle.

Moonstone harnesses the power of the moon, honouring and living in the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle brings us into harmony with these natural cycles. Letting go of things that no longer serve us, and manifesting new realities with strong clear intentions. 

Moonstone can aide manifestation, use it any time but it is even more powerful around a full Moon. It is said to amplify intentions. The combination of the energy of this beautiful stone with that of the power of the moon raises your vibration and strengthens your ability to manifest.

Moonstone aligns you with your higher self, enhancing your intuition, so that you can be reminded of your divine purpose. Moonstone helps you to remember who you are, it illuminates the path and helps you stay on it. A beautiful high Vibrational crystal offering guidance and support on your journey.

Moonstone is also a good tool for reflection, showing us situations from the past and allowing us to understand the lessons.