Tiger's Eye Bracelet

Tiger's Eye Bracelet

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10 mm Tiger's Eye Bracelet.

Tiger’s Eye well-known for its ability to balance the emotional and physical well-being of a person 

Tiger’s Eye helps us tap into our inner strength and protects us from sabotaging ourselves. This gemstone can help us raise our self-confidence to bring it to the surface where it belongs.

The Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

When you feel like you’re in a slump, reach for a Tiger’s Eye stone to bring you back to life. It can help fortify the blood while balancing the endocrine system. This amazing stone is perfect for anyone that feels lethargic or sluggish. The chi in the golden-brown stone helps bring back feelings of motivation while speeding up the metabolism and providing more energy. The stone also holds onto the sun’s heat, which can help with seasonal depression.

Tiger’s Eye for Relationships

This is a healing stone that can be used for personal health or to help heal a relationship. This relationship may be with yourself when you are struggling with a low level of confidence, or it can be with others. Tiger’s Eye can help unravel the mysteries behind any feelings of low self-worth and help to clear away any negative and toxic energy that is often experienced in day-to-day life.

Spiritual Healing

Tiger’s Eye is the earthly stone to use when you feel more grounded. It can help provide spiritual stability, allowing you to tap into deeper levels of your consciousness. This also helps to bring up levels of self-confidence since it is hard to remain confident without a grounded, solid foundation beneath you.

Tiger’s Eye and Emotional Healing

Get better connected with your core and feel stronger within yourself no matter what happens. When there is chaos around us, our energy can become blocked, and a Tiger’s Eye gemstone can help open up the blockage by shifting your focus away from the confusion. This can provide you with a better and more proactive way of dealing with messy situations. It’s a lot easier to reach your goals in life when you wash away the toxic energies and focus on the positive things around you.

Tiger’s Eye Jewelry

One of the best ways to keep a Tiger’s Eye stone close to you is to wear it in jewelery. This keeps the stone next to the skin and allows you to absorb the healing properties of this amazing gem. The same applies to crystals and other minerals you want to incorporate as part of your energy.